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MaryAnn McDonald has been my RIM practitioner for many years. Each session is a new adventure, delving deeply into my inner world with such safety and comfort that no subject has remained unexplored or unresolved. Childhood sexual trauma, relationship hurts and hang-ups, all gently healed within 90 minutes. I have such clarity and peace afterward, never needing to repeat previous traumas for resolution. Her gift as a guide provides such a wonderful atmosphere for healing. Thank you MaryAnn for so many devoted hours of concentrated energy.

Sarah Jorgensen


Mary Ann is a gifted healer and life coach. I started sessions with Mary Ann ​in 2014 at a point in my life where I lacked focus in both my personal and professional life. My feelings of doubt and uncertainty were causing me stress and anxiety.

​During our sessions she utilized a variety of techniques to help me clarify my life goals and purpose. She always seemed to know what technique to use at the right time. She ended each session with a Spring Forest Qigong healing. The healing helped me integrate the insights that came up during the sessions. After the Qigong healing, I felt peaceful, focused, and in touch with my higher purpose. Over several sessions, my stress and anxiety lessened and I felt more confident about “what next”.

Since then I have gone on to accomplish many of the goals that I identified in our early sessions. I have started a new business venture, written an ebook, made a public presentation, and improved my personal relationships. ​All things that I did not feel were possible when we first started working together! ​

Mary Ann is knowledgeable and passionate about Spring Forest Qigong. She has become a leader in our community and I always look forward to the opportunity to experience one of her healing sessions!

Beth Clark 


Whenever I take a class I always consider the Teacher, the most important element of the class. I am a retired attorney who has attended many workshops. I had previously taken several workshops on other forms of Qigong. I like Spring Forest Qigong the best. It is easy to learn and very beneficial. MaryAnn knows Spring Forest Qigong very well, is an excellent teacher, and is able to transmit the amazing gift of it to others. She is relaxed, happy, very patient and teaches with a very joyful energy.

There are two miracles that you will experience in her class for sure:

1) MaryAnn and 2) Spring Forest Qigong. An experience of her classes on any subject will give you a relaxed pathway to better health and happiness. You will leave feeling confident about yourself and that being a beginner is ok. I would happily sign up for anything she is teaching. Much benefit of any class comes from “the vibration level of the teacher”.

MaryAnn has a high vibration of love and unconditional acceptance of everything in life. That “energy field” is transmitted to students without words. I have been practicing Spring Forest Qigong since the class (October 2017) and have gained in both physical and emotional health. Master Chunyi Lin has created an easy and wonderful way for people to heal and MaryAnn is an excellent teacher who will help your life shine clearer and brighter.   

Phil Friberg


Mary Ann has helped my husband, John, a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD, with his anger issues. I am so grateful that he is no longer a road rage liability. He is not the angry man I married.

Sarah Baugh


Mary Ann Parkhurst (McDonald) provided 2 Qigong healing treatments for me. During the first one I noticed a lessening of tension in my front solar plexus. I asked for treatment for stress relief. After the treatment there was a noticeable diminishment of stress and a great feeling of relaxation. The tension in my shoulders was also relieved. With the 2nd treatment, I felt as though I was in a meditative state and experienced colors flashing. I could feel her energy as she provided treatment. Afterwards I was greatly relaxed and had a tingling sensation throughout my entire body.

Mary Ann has a great gift for healing. These treatments were the first experience I have had with Qigong and was very impressed.

Suzan Svatek

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