Comfortably Relieving PTSD, Trauma, Stress,
and Anxiety

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    Are you ready to move on and live with more peace and ease?
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    ​Are you ready to relieve your physical and emotional or mental stress?
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    ​Are you ready for your trauma and other emotional distress to become just a memory?

Traumas to Include:  

  • Abuse – particularly from childhood and from partner(s)
  • ​Combat – what was observed, done, or not done
  • Accidents – physical or emotional injuries from car accidents or other circumstances
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    ​Medical diagnoses – fears that arose from diagnosis
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    Medical procedures – any type that continues to be upsetting
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    And everyday traumas that cause lasting damage

Reclaim your life—your health, social life, and intimacy

I can help you make profound, positive changes in your life, largely by helping you overcome emotional issues from your past, including incidents of major and minor trauma.

My favorite approach is called RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory). This comfortable, co-creative process is based on a small dose of my guidance and a large dose of the client’s imagination.  The approach is enormously beneficial in helping to unblock and unlock emotions and memories for effective relief and healing.

It is a very empowering approach that can lead to truly magical results.

Experience the co-creative process for yourself and experience
your own breakthroughs.

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